William Aparicio

William Aparicio

William Aparicio, the Online MBA student at Suffolk university

Why did you choose Suffolk to pursue your degree?

I chose Suffolk University to pursue my MBA because of the holistic approach to business is offered through online content delivery. Some programs I looked into before deciding on attending Suffolk were rudimentary in their online experience offerings and Suffolk stood out as the leader. Ultimately, I chose Suffolk University because I wanted a great education that provided me the opportunity to learn and engage using the online platforms available.

What about the program stands out to you and why?

The program stands out in a few ways but the most impactful portion has been the real-world applications of tools and concepts we learn in the classroom. I feel as if I've worked for a consulting firm this past year and a half by being immersed in real scenarios.

Can you provide a specific example of a course or skill you learned and how you applied it in a work situation?

The International Strategy course was influential because we were tasked with taking our current firm and expanding it globally whether through a strategic alliance, joint venture, etc. Since I work for a domestic firm with zero global presence outside of the United States, this was particularly relevant since my firm has considered expanding operations outside of our borders. At work, I was fortunate to explain what I had learned in the classroom and walk my teammates through the frameworks of country selection. Ultimately, my firm isn't ready yet but it was great to provide that value to my team. 

What was one of the most challenging aspects of this program, and how were you able to navigate that challenge?

Balancing an MBA program along with professional obligations as well as personal ones has been tough. However, the best way to navigate that challenge has been to organize my week as best as possible so I'm not scrambling to meet deadlines, at work or for school.

What is the support like from the faculty and your student support advisor?

Jennifer Bellin has been phenomenal as a student adviser. She checks in on me and encourages me to continue working hard. The faculty has been great. Quite often, I can email a professor and within hours I have a response. The support system that the university offers has been great.

Would you recommend Suffolk University to someone who is considering this program? Why?

Without question, I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a quality education coupled with great faculty. I've enjoyed the great discussions and working with new people as well as developing great relationships with my classmates.


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