Sherley Jules

Sherley Jules

Sherley Jules, the Online MBA student at Suffolk university

Hear from Sherley Jules as she shares her experience in Suffolk’s MBA Online, and how it helped her to start her career in a different industry. 

Why did you choose Suffolk to pursue your degree?

I wanted to pursue my MBA at Suffolk University because it was affordable, and my recruiter at the time was fully invested in my well-being and success. In addition, I felt mentally burnt out from working in the social services field and that Suffolk was the right choice to help me expand my education and pivot into a different industry.

What about the program that stands out to you and why?

When looking at Suffolk Sawyer Business school, I was captivated by its course selection and its remote learning framework. My advisor Jennifer Bellin contributed to my completion and success in this 2-year program. I was dealing with quite a bit of hardship and family loss. Jennifer always went above and beyond to ensure I had the right resources and support. I would honestly say without her check-ins and support, I don’t think I would have made it. I also enjoyed the friendships and connections I made with the other students. Especially during the challenging assignments and group projects, it felt good to have compassionate and understanding individuals by your side.

How have you been able to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve learned through the program to your career?

I would say that my leadership, project management, and assessment skills have sharpened most definitely. In addition, my thought process and perspective have changed, especially during my ethics-based course. Soon, I hope that I will be given a chance to apply some of my skills and knowledge as I continue with my job search. Transitioning out of social work has posed its challenges; however, my advisor has provided me with resources such as the Suffolk Career Center and Handshake website that have been extremely helpful.

What was one of the most challenging aspects of this program, and how were you navigating that challenge?

The most challenging aspects that I went through would have been balancing work and coordinating schedules with my group members. It was a bit frustrating at times, but we managed to make it work. The solution to overcoming challenging courses involving group work was to divide and conquer with your teammates and get ahead of discussion posts and assignments if possible! Also, networking with your classmates and figuring out what you’re both good at was my “bread and butter.” Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help and try not to wait until the last minute.

What is the support like from the faculty and your student support advisor?

Establishing rapport and keeping a constant line of communication with your advisor and professors is vital. The most memorable support I received at Suffolk University was from Dr. Katrina Graham, Professor Mengyao Cheng, and the jack of all trades, my advisor Jennifer Bellin. Although this program was fully remote before Covid-19, I went through some hardships that could have prevented me from graduating. However, during those difficult times, the faculty members and advisor I mentioned were compassionate, resourceful and provided me with the support I needed to succeed.

Would you recommend Suffolk University to someone who is considering this program? Why?

Suffolk University provided students like me with the flexibility, resources, and real-life lessons that will most certainly advance your career. Also, taking courses online can be challenging at times, but having a supportive Advisor (like Jeniffer) by your side was a blessing in disguise. You will never feel like you’re alone if you decide to attend Suffolk.


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