Rebecca Barnett

Rebecca Barnett

Rebecca Barnett graduated with her MBA from Suffolk University

Rebecca Barnett wanted international experience. She got it from the Suffolk MBA program.

Imagine you have to create a marketing plan in a country where more than 500 languages are spoken. How does that work?

That’s exactly the kind of challenge Rebecca Barnett, BSBA ’10, MBA ’14, was looking for when she came to Suffolk for her MBA—and exactly what she found during an internship in Lagos, Nigeria.

“The number one thing I wanted was to be an international marketer,” Barnett said. “That's really why I chose Suffolk, because I wanted to have those international work experiences.”

“I figured the MBA was going to take my career to the next level, and it really did. Not only did it give me that international experience I was looking for, it led to a career change and new opportunities beyond what I envisioned.”