Meaghan Cloherty

Meaghan Cloherty

Meaghan Cloherty, Suffolk University MBA student

Hear from Meaghan Cloherty as she shares her experience in Suffolk’s MBA Online. Discover firsthand what it’s really like to be an online student and how the program has already been invaluable for Meaghan’s career.

Why did you choose Suffolk University to pursue your MBA degree?

Suffolk gave me the opportunity to pursue an MBA to further my career without actually having to put my career on pause to do it. The program is tailored to what I want for my future and yet is manageable for someone with a full-time job.

What about the program is significant to you and why?

I knew I wanted to keep working while I got my MBA, so the part-time online option was perfect for me. This has allowed me to take what I learn from my professors and apply it in real-time to my career. I see the benefit of the new knowledge I have from my MBA already, and I have not even graduated yet!

When you applied for this program, what was your enrollment experience like?

One of the major benefits of the Suffolk MBA program is that I am qualified to not have to take the GRE/GMAT. As someone in a full-time job that was a huge factor for me. I would not have been able to study as much as I needed for the GRE/GMAT given my job. The enrollment process was smooth and it really felt like they were getting to know me as a person, and that we all were trying to make sure Suffolk would be somewhere I would succeed.

Would you recommend Suffolk University to someone who is considering an MBA Online Program?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend Suffolk to someone considering an Online MBA program. Suffolk focuses on experiential learning, which means learning by doing. I get to meet with actual clients from around the Boston area in my classes, hear their current dilemmas, and then work with a team to present solutions. This has proven invaluable to me because of the real-world application. I get to practice the actual skills I need for my career, and it gives me the opportunity to continuously grow my professional network!

What is the support like from the faculty and your student support advisor?

The support from my student support advisor is great. I have one single point of contact if I need anything from Suffolk, which is very helpful. They keep the communication lines open and are willing to help with any questions I may have while also keeping me abreast of any new Suffolk news.

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