Leila Marvel

Leila Marvel

Leila Marvel

Why did you choose Suffolk University to pursue your MSA degree?

Coming off from just graduating from Bay State College in May of 2019 I was looking to jump right back in, I was looking for a program that was flexible and I could join and enjoy at my own pace. I looked at and contact Suffolk, after hearing about the program on Pandora Radio. What I then learned was I would be a perfect fit here. Once I find a sure fit I never second guess.

What about the program is significant to you and why? (i.e. coursework, faculty, student support, real-world application, etc)

The most significant thing to me about the program is the communication of the faculty. Without proper communication especially given we are doing this online, without it one is surely bound to fail. Flexibility is in close second. This is because life happens and when it does having the flexibility to read and do the work on your own time is very important. That works hand in hand with great communication with the faculty.  

When you applied for this program, what was your enrollment experience like?

The enrollment process was extremely easy. I got an advisor right from the start. He, Rocky, was amazing throughout the process letting me know everything I needed to do and even thanking me when I did them. It only lasted about 3 weeks from beginning to end. The only thing I would say is let people know up front that there is going to be a cost you have to pay to apply and get things going. 

Would you recommend Suffolk University to someone who is considering an MSA? Why?

Yes I would recommend Suffolk University. The program is challenging, but not too challenging. This program is all about what you put into it, it is made for you to succeed you just have to be willing to put in the work. This is a program for anyone that wants to succeed. This program has excellent advisors, professors and students. Everyone helps everyone, it is just a great experience overall. 

What is the support like from the faculty and your student support advisor?

My student support advisor is great! She checks on me via email and she always answers back my calls within 24 hours. I have never had an issue with the help I’ve received. As with any other school there are good teachers and bad, but most all the faculty I’ve dealt with have been great. They are always available by email 24/7 and some even allow you to text them.