Gregory Mirliss

Gregory Mirliss

Gregory Mirliss, graduate of Suffolk’s MBA program in 2019, shares his experience.

Gregory Mirliss, MBA ’19, isn’t your typical MBA. When not in class, he worked full-time as an engineer, inspecting bridges and tunnels around the country for AECOM, a Fortune 200 multinational engineering firm. His job is to ensure that our nation’s infrastructure is safe for the public to drive over, under, and through. And we should be glad he’s on the job.

Because he was working full time, Mirliss needed a program that not only fit in with his busy life but made him feel like he was making the most of his precious time. Turns out the Sawyer Business School was just the place.

“I looked at several other schools in the Boston area but never got the feel that I really wanted,” he says. “When I spoke to people at Suffolk, they understood what I was looking for and explained how their program was a perfect fit.”

It was such a good fit, in fact, that even with his busy schedule, Mirliss chose to be president of the Suffolk University Graduate Business Association (SUGBA), which develops business, social, and academic initiatives that support the goals of the University and alumni. One of their signature events is the “Lunch with a Leader” series, which brings Boston business executives to network with MBA students over lunch.

“I recall one of the deans stating at orientation how important networking is,” says Mirliss. “At the time I didn’t think much about it, but now I agree 100 percent. It is the possible connections you make now that will lead to future opportunities and success down the road. I want my fellow Suffolk classmates to continue to have these opportunities.”