The Suffolk Online Experience

The Suffolk Online Experience

An Elite Level Learning Experience

Suffolk University connects students with life-changing career opportunities. The authentic learning opportunities at Sawyer Business School foster collaboration, innovation, and your evolution as an effective leader in today’s business world.

Relevant Curriculum

Suffolk University online business programs blend real-world engagement, experiential learning, and an advanced business curriculum led by active industry insiders to create a transformative education experience. Designed for ambitious working professionals, the innovative curriculum focuses on the current issues shaping global business while developing the critical skills employers demand in their leaders and managers.

For example, by leveraging Suffolk’s connection to the heart of Boston’s international business community, the MBA Online program comes to life with learning opportunities featuring current business leaders and live working sessions focused on creating solutions to real-world business challenges. These highly interactive and collaborative learning sessions use actual issues from a variety of Boston’s renowned biotech, finance, healthcare, and technology companies to promote the development of distinct business competencies that cannot be gained in other MBA programs.

State Of The Art User Interface

Business students directly engage with the course material in a meaningful way and will not simply open PDFs or click through Powerpoints. The Blackboard interface is user-friendly, efficient, and sophisticated. Students will partner with other professionals in a synchronous format and actively work with professors and student colleagues to actively engage with the course material and build their network. The online experience at Suffolk is a learning journey, with interconnected activity and shared materials across courses.

Engaged Faculty

Suffolk’s world-class faculty possess significant professional experience and maintain connections to businesses in Boston and worldwide. They are deeply committed to mentoring students, encouraging participation, facilitating peer learning opportunities, and providing individual support and feedback.

Sawyer Business School faculty are more than teachers.

  • They are active industry professionals
  • They are researchers
  • They are entrepreneurs
  • They are published authors
  • They are mentors

The faculty form lasting relationships with students, offering academic support, career guidance and access to professional networks.

Personal Support

At the beginning of enrollment, students are matched with a Student Success Advisor who provides valuable advice from the first class through graduation day. Your student success advisor serves as a personal resource to help round out your learning experience and keep you on track for graduation.

Premium Delivery

Time is at a premium when you have a career and are studying for your graduate degree. With Suffolk University’s online business programs, students often have the power to dictate their own schedule. In many classes, lectures can be listened to anytime that fits with their schedule. Live classes are accessible from anywhere students can connect with the internet.

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