Online MBA/MSBA Dual Degree

Online MBA/MSBA Dual Degree

Suffolk online MBA/MSBA student works on laptop while drinking coffee

An Online MBA/MSBA Designed for You

The Suffolk Online MBA/MSBA dual degree program combines Suffolk's experiential MBA curriculum with key competencies in data management and business analytics.

You’ll be connected to the entrepreneurial community while learning about the nuances of data storage, retrieval, cleaning, and integration.

You’ll be able to apply your data analytics knowledge across business functions, allowing you to provide unique value to companies from all sectors. This expedited program will help you become an effective communicator, strategist, and analyst. Suffolk’s MBA/MSBA will also prepare you to earn elite certification in the field's most popular software: SAS, SAP, and Excel.

For students who wish to learn in the heart of downtown Boston, Suffolk is pleased to offer this dual-degree program in a full- and part-time on-campus format.