MBA Online Program

MBA Online Program

Fast Track Your Competitive Edge

Are you ready to break the mold of traditional education? We at Suffolk don’t think it’s enough to just learn about business - we position you in the heart of it. Let us connect you with some of the country’s top organizations to solve real-world challenges and strengthen the capabilities that today’s employers expect from executive-level leaders.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional striving for a promotion or new to the corporate world, we’ve got you covered. Customize our 36-credit MBA online program to suit your skills, experience and goals and be ready to dominate business in as few as 16 months.

The Princeton Review 2022 The Best 387 Colleges

The Princeton Review
2022 The Best 387 Colleges

Enterprise Data Management

Provides students with an understanding of the nature of enterprise integration and enterprise software, business process re-engineering, the implementation within organizations, and strategies for maximizing benefits from enterprise systems.

General Theory in Corporate Finance

Students expand knowledge of dividend theory, capital structure theory, capital budgeting, long-term financing decisions, cash management and corporate restructuring, market efficiency, and risk and liability management.

Graduate Financial Accounting I

This introductory-level accounting course provides students with a solid base in accounting fundamentals, including U.S. GAAP, the conceptual framework, nature of accounts, journal entries, and ultimately, financial statements.

Innovation: The Future of Healthcare

Covers innovation in the organization and delivery of healthcare services as well as in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare IT. Explores how players create, identify, pursue, and support or impede opportunities for innovation.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Introduces business intelligence and data analytics, which help organizations in strategic and operational decision making by improving performance management, optimizing customer relations, monitoring business activity and improving decision support.

Cost and Managerial Accounting

Examines the concepts and practices of cost measurement: variable costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, setting goals and monitoring performance, standard costing and variance analysis.

Health Systems I: The U.S. Healthcare System

Origins, components, organization, and operation of the U.S. health system. Prepares students for subsequent healthcare administration courses that delve more deeply into key aspects of the health system. Includes major current health and health system issues.

Investment Analysis

Students examine markets for investment procedures, valuation models, basic analytical techniques and factors influencing risk/return trade-offs. This course emphasizes the professional approach to managing investment assets.

Community and Public Health

Revisits the health system as a diverse set of public and private entities working to build and sustain health at the community and population levels. Prepares you to be a boundary-spanner within that system to plan and manage services that optimize community and population health.

Data Management and Modeling

Introduces the importance of information as an organizational resource, role of big data in organizations and the application of tools to provide high-quality information. Students will be able to select the most appropriate data management tool for business scenarios.

Federal Taxation I

Focuses on the federal income taxation of individuals with some discussion of business taxation. Explores the basic structure of individual income taxation, including the individual tax formula, income, deductions and credits, and provides an introduction to property transactions.

Options and Futures

Students explore the pricing of options and futures contracts, the characteristics of the markets in which these contracts are traded, options and futures strategies, and the application of these contracts in the hedging of financial positions.

"Suffolk gave me the opportunity to pursue an MBA to further my career without actually having to put my career on pause to do it. The program is tailored to what I want for my future and yet is manageable for someone with a full-time job." Meaghan Cloherty, MBA Student

Accredited Online MBA Program Testimonial

"I would recommend Suffolk University to someone considering an MBA because of the high caliber courses, real-world client projects, and manageable workload. Suffolk University offers a unique experience to the student that will allow them to succeed at a high level." Adam Chick, MBA '21

Accredited Online MBA Program Testimonial