Dual Degrees Online

Dual Degrees Online

An Education That’s Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Suffolk University’s dual master’s degree programs online are designed to pave a path to specialized, advanced credentials. Take advantage of Boston’s innovation and thought leadership at your doorstep, gleaning insights from a global financial center. Accelerate your growth in a specific interest area with industry-demanded expertise and soft skills.

Online Master of Business Administration / Online Master of Science in Accounting

Learn how to apply accounting concepts and assess financial data to manage business challenges. The MBA/MSA dual degree program will position you to develop a strong background in strategic management, accounting, and financial management.

Online Master of Science in Accounting / Online Master of Science in Finance

Become an expert in global finance and accounting concepts as you prepare for the CPA and CFA exams.

Online Master of Science in Accounting / Online Master of Science in Business Analytics

A solid grounding in data analytics and interpretation, paired with hands-on accounting experience, will take your career to the next level. Apply accounting concepts and assessments of financial data to develop actionable solutions for a multitude of business situations.

Online Master of Business Administration / Online Master of Science in Finance

Attain a broad-based managerial education and specialized expertise in the field of finance.

Online Master of Science in Finance / Online Master of Science in Business Analytics

Analytics capabilities combined with an advanced financial education will help you become a strategic business decision-maker.

Online Master of Business Administration / Online Master of Science in Business Analytics

Develop key competencies in data management, finance, and business analytics. You will contribute to the entrepreneurial community while learning the nuances of data storage, retrieval, cleaning, and integration.

MBA-710 Understanding World Class Clusters

This first-semester MBA course introduces students to the topic of world-class clusters as a multi-level phenomenon. Beginning from the macro level of analysis and proceeding to the micro level, the course covers a panoply of concepts and frameworks for understanding why world-class clusters emerge at specific locations in the first place and then regularly succeed in transforming themselves to keep up with, and even lead, the pace of change in their respective industries.

MBA-760 World-Class Strategies

Students engage in a variety of learning activities, such as case studies, computer simulations, examinations, project reports and experiential exercises involving competition. Students will develop a multifunctional general management perspective. The course is designed to help students integrate and apply their knowledge and techniques learned in the core courses of the MBA program into an overall view of the firm, evaluate the environment, and speculate on the future direction of the organization.

MBA-770 Leading and Implementing Change

The final course in the MBA curriculum ties together the integral components of the four industry clusters, strategy and business fundamentals to the experience of leading change. Students experience the change process personally through a simulation. Students then apply their learning to an applied project based in one of the four clusters that are team-based, client-focused, grounded in research, and integrates MBA concepts as required with a final presentation to a live client.