Why You Should Talk to an Enrollment Advisor


You’ve probably submitted many requests for program information in your search for the right MBA degree. Websites and brochures can provide an overview of the program and its structure, but they are no substitute for the insights gained in conversations with an enrollment advisor.  An introductory chat allows you to discuss the program in greater detail as well as review your specific professional goals to help determine if the program is the best fit for you. This conversation is only the beginning of the positive impact that an Enrollment Advisor can have on your MBA experience.

You are likely facing plenty of calls and emails from universities as you research your graduate school options. It is worthwhile to consider the benefits of speaking with an Enrollment Advisor from Suffolk University. Our skilled and knowledgeable advisors can help you navigate the admissions process from start to finish.


What is the role of an Enrollment Advisor?

Enrollment Advisors work with prospective students to help determine their best path forward and set them up for success. The first call is an informal conversation about the applicant’s educational experiences and professional goals. This chat also explores whether the student qualifies for the MBA Online program and if it fits with their schedule.

Students looking at more than one graduate school may wonder how Suffolk University compares to its competitors. Enrollment Advisors are well-versed in the pricing, degree options, accreditations and services offered by other MBA programs. A conversation with an Enrollment Advisor places the value of a Suffolk University degree in context.

The admissions process for any graduate program can seem daunting at first. An important element of what enrollment services do is assisting applicants at each stage. Enrollment Advisors work with students on:

  • Confirming receipt of application materials
  • Highlighting outstanding items needed for admissions
  • Identifying financial resources for school expenses


What should I talk about with my Enrollment Advisor?

Enrollment Advisors want applicants to feel supported throughout the entire enrollment process. They ask simple questions starting with the first call that informs ongoing conversations about student success. 

You can expect to answer the following questions during your first call:

  • Why are you currently exploring an MBA?
  • What are your day-to-day responsibilities at work?
  • What skills are you looking to strengthen?
  • What support can we provide as a university?

Your chat with an Enrollment Advisor does not need to be a one-way conversation. Enrollment Advisors are prepared to answer questions brought up by prospective students. 

Some worthwhile questions to ask during your call include:

  • How does the remote learning format work?
  • What types of assignments or projects are expected in MBA courses?
  • What specializations are available through this MBA program?
  • What opportunities exist for networking with alumni?




Why do MBA students choose Suffolk University?

Prospective MBA students can find out why they should speak to an Enrollment Advisor from current students and alumni that have first-hand experience with the enrollment process. Their testimonials highlight the impacts of early conversations on their experiences at Suffolk University.

Real-World Applications

William Aparicio completed his MBA online at Suffolk University in 2021. He chose the program because of its one-on-one support as well as its focus on experiential learning. William says of his MBA experience, “I feel as if I've worked for a consulting firm this past year and a half by being immersed in real scenarios.”

Close Relationships in a Remote Environment

Fellow 2021 graduate Sherley Jules was impressed by the support from enrollment to graduation by the advisors and their commitment to her success. She cited the fully remote format of the program as invaluable to her success, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sherley notes that during challenging times, “the faculty members and advisor were compassionate, resourceful and provided me with the support I needed to succeed.”

Balancing School with Home and Work Life

Current MBA online student Meaghan Cloherty sought a part-time degree option that worked around her schedule. Her first call with an Enrollment Advisor revealed an easy-to-understand path to admission. Meaghan described the impact of this relationship:

“The enrollment process was smooth and it really felt like they were getting to know me as a person, and that we all were trying to make sure Suffolk would be somewhere I would succeed.”



Brent Mordan, Enrollment Advisor
Request a call with an Enrollment Advisor today to learn more about how Suffolk University’s AACSB Accredited MBA Online Program could be the right fit for you.