The Relevance of An MBA Degree in The Evolving Workplace

The Relevance of An MBA Degree in The Evolving Workplace
The Relevance of An MBA Degree in The Evolving Workplace

An MBA is not only relevant but a powerful edge over your competitors. Your MBA symbolizes your accumulated knowledge and insight as well as your work ethic and your drive to succeed. Without an MBA in the business world, you will be limited in both your potential options and opportunities.

Change is inevitable and is certainly so in our ever-transforming job market. It’s worth remembering that change is the very thing that keeps you relevant! An online MBA is, in fact, more relevant today than it has ever been. If you are still not sure, let’s take a quick reality check and visit the facts. It is important to be well-informed before deciding how you plan to navigate your professional life.


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Your Timing Couldn’t Be Better

Your personal motivation for pursuing an MBA needs to be gauged. For some, the reasons are simply for a chance at a higher salary or getting on the fast track of climbing the corporate ladder. Those are both legitimate reasons and make a lot of sense. But in today’s world, there is an even more compelling reason to take advantage of this life-lasting opportunity. Changing global markets demand that we change our methods, messages, and strategies to meet those needs.

Businesses are competing against each other in a race to capture a moving target. We are in the midst of a hyper-energized job market that is changing quickly and out-pacing demand. It’s exciting, and the great news is that this growth phenomenon has you well-positioned to earn an accredited online MBA with a schedule built around your busy life!

If the thought of committing to getting an MBA online has you feeling a little overwhelmed, we get it. The hardest part is getting started. You may be tempted by both real-life obstacles and convenient excuses to put a halt to an MBA career path. Too many are quick to dismiss getting an online MBA due to cost, time, mobility issues, routine, and falling into the trap of comfort with the status quo. But don’t say no quite yet. There are incredible opportunities for you right around the corner.

MBA Job Growth Projections

Your online MBA holds more value today than it ever has. According to the U.S. Department of Labor & Statistics, the projected U.S. growth rate of all occupations from 2016 to 2026 is predicted to be 7%. The average growth rate, for say, a Market Analyst with an MBA, however, is double that rate. This is an important statistic because the job you have now, or the one you’re seeking, may no longer exist in the future or look quite different than it does today. It’s also quite likely that a job you want hasn’t been created yet. The question is, are you pursuing the change that lies before you so that you are ready and relevant when it appears?

An MBA is your ticket to change, professional growth, and transformation that is and will continue to evolve. Growth and migration are the perfect ingredients for creating jobs and MBA holders will benefit from these since they will better be poised and more flexible to fit right in with all the changes that industries are anticipating.


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Stay Relevant By Knowing What’s Hot

A U.S. News & World Report article titled “Hot Jobs for MBA Grads” noted the shift in where MBA graduates are finding employment. It used to be that new MBA grads would flood the financial and consulting fields. Today, you will find an increasing number of this same population getting more jobs in products and services and technology fields. Financial Manager’s, however, remain “hot” and are firmly on a path of increases in both the number of jobs and high salaries.

The rewards of earning your MBA today can’t be overstated. There are still fields that require an MBA for an entry-level position. More importantly, these are also the professions that will allow you to compete for career advancement opportunities and a higher salary. Remember, an MBA is just one of the determining criteria for hiring. Other factors include where you received your MBA, your geographical location, and your chosen industry. If you manage to end up with a balance of most or all of those factors, you will have set yourself up well toward earning a six-figure salary. Consider the following examples:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, an estimated 50% of Mental Health Care Managers can expect to earn a mean annual salary of $98,350. The highest average annual salary in this field is $176,130. A 2014 New York Times article titled “Medicine’s Top Earners Are Not the M.D.s” aptly pointed out that it is not uncommon for Health Administrators who work in hospitals to have salaries higher than doctors. For those seeking to use their MBA’s in the healthcare industry, you will be happy to learn that, as a whole, the healthcare field is anticipating growth at an above average rate.
  • If Information Technology (IT) is your thing, earning your online MBA couldn’t come at a better time. Although your entry-level job is most likely going to be as an IT Director or Manager, your MBA will make you a much more competitive candidate in the future. U.S. News & World Report identified the best IT job of 2019 is Software Developer. Software Developers earn high salaries in a field that is expected to grow faster than any other over the next decade.
  • Our global economy is a wonderful opportunity that has expanded job growth while opening the door to unlimited possibilities in International Business. Accredited online MBA programs will catapult your career into a very specialized group of professionals. This market is hungry for ambitious world-savvy people to lead their niches into new territory. Companies in nearly every industry conduct business globally, and an MBA multiplies your value because of the strong demand. A Financial Analyst working in International Business, according to U.S. News & World Report, has a median salary of $117,990.

Considering the Suffolk University MBA Program

Whether your online accredited MBA is in Marketing or Management, Directing or Development, the Suffolk University online MBA programs are evolving in step and on trend with the demands of the evolving workforce. Suffolk University programs are immersed in real-world business via the Boston business community and global companies as well.

Earning your MBA online through Suffolk University provides a flexible, convenient, and affordable investment in your future. We build our programs around you and your needs while upholding the highest of educational standards and best practices.


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