Rachel Sazonick, MBA Online Student Testimonial

Rachel Sazonick, an MBA Online student, shares her experience at Suffolk University
Rachel Sazonick, an MBA Online student, shares her experience at Suffolk University

Current Suffolk University student Rachel Sazonick shares her experience in the MBA Online. Hear how she has connected with peers, expanded her professional network and received support from her success advisor and academics.

Below is a transcript of Rachel’s video testimonial.

Why did you choose Suffolk University over other programs?

I chose the Suffolk MBA program because I really felt that a very accredited university, such as Suffolk, would offer a really great program. I was not disappointed.

Have you felt supported throughout your program?

I think the most valuable aspect of the online program is just the communication and the support I've felt from both my professors and my peers.

I feel like we're all in it together, and especially learning through the pandemic and taking courses online brings on new challenges. Having a really strong support team throughout has really been so wonderful.

Why did you decide to do an online degree?

What I like as an online student is the flexibility to do my full-time job and still meet the requirements necessary for my part-time MBA online program.

Having that flexibility is really great in keeping up with the courses and the workload.

How has Suffolk Online helped you in your career?

As far as attracting employers, I came into this program fully employed and have been with my company for about three years.

But what I really think is great is that I have made so many more connections on LinkedIn, between professors who have incredible backgrounds and other peers and working adults that just have backgrounds in things that I wouldn't even consider as connecting with.

It's really just broadened my social and job network as well.

Tell us more about your Student Success Advisor.

My dedicated student advisor Jennifer, as well as all the others that really helped me not only register for my courses but also keep me in line.

They always checked in, made sure that I knew that it was week zero, that I had expectations and responsibilities of me, that I was looking to do things that had due dates.

Having someone there just checking in, whether or not I needed the help, was really reassuring for me. I didn't feel like I was alone throughout the program.

Any final thoughts on the Suffolk MBA Online program?

Being pretty much through the halfway point and having it feel like a blink has been incredible. It's really been a fulfilling and really just beneficial and eye-opener of an experience.

I've really valued my time here in the MBA Suffolk program, and I hope you do too.

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