Choosing an MBA Program: What to Look For

Young female MBA graduate and business professional conducting a job interview with male candidate wearing suit
Young female MBA graduate and business professional conducting a job interview with male candidate wearing suit

Strong growth across industry sectors has led to an increase in positions that require an MBA. Graduates are looking at six-figure salaries and opportunities across industries. Along with consulting, demand is high in business development, sales, finance and general management areas too. An online MBA program with a versatile curriculum that focuses on developing the critical skills employers need will prepare you for diverse roles and industries.

Employers are in search of talent and what they’re finding is not always meeting their expectations. The QS Jobs and Salary Trends Report for 2018 states that the employability factor ranks highest with MBA employers today. They are looking at a mix of business and soft skills that will mark future business leaders. A program that offers this balance will equip you to take on the challenges of the modern business world with ease.

Here’s what to look for when choosing an MBA program.


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The quality of the program depends on the curriculum and the faculty. An online MBA program that is rooted in real-world business will improve employability. Employers are looking for advanced business competencies, strategic agility, and critical business skills. Businesses want to hire employees/leaders who have had direct interactions with clients and professionals because that makes them industry ready. They learn to adapt and react to real-world business challenges better.

Quality also depends on the faculty. The Suffolk MBA Online is taught by the same faculty that teaches on campus. Learning from a world-class faculty who is active and engaged in global business is a unique opportunity that few schools provide in their online MBA program.


One of the real values of earning your MBA online lies in the university name on your diploma. That’s a symbol of prestige employers see on your resume. Students with a degree from a high-ranking institute will find it easier to gain employment. Suffolk University has consistently ranked as one of the top schools for online MBA over the years.

  • Top 20 in Best Online MBA Entrepreneurship Degree, The Best Schools 2017.
  • #16 Top Online MBA programs for International Business, Online MBA Today, 2017.
  • #3 in Best MBA Programs, Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings, 2017.
  • Tier One Global MBA Rankings 2018 CEO Magazine.

The Suffolk MBA Online Program helps develop the complete skillset one needs for long-term success. The high-quality and rigorous curriculum prepares graduates for leadership opportunities across the business spectrum. It equips students with the knowledge and tangible skills beyond business fundamentals. The critical skills business professionals need to build lasting success and define their career.


We often choose an online program for its convenience and affordability. These are benefits indeed, but the long-term gain lies in the connections you make. As a student of a reputed institute like Suffolk University, you will learn with a diverse peer group who come from different professional and cultural backgrounds. You will develop deep connections with peers and fellow professionals globally. This helps to raise global business awareness and improve communication and interpersonal skills.

Suffolk students work with professionals from multinational companies to develop new perspectives and insight. They enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities via Suffolk’s connection to the Boston and the international business world. These interactions prepare students for real-world leadership in the global economy.

Why is this the right time to earn an MBA online?

The market is strong for MBA graduates.

  • 2017 saw a 13% increase in MBA jobs.
  • Average MBA salary in the U.S. is $98,900; grew by 10% in 2017.
  • Demand for MBAs in the consulting sector saw a 14% increase in 2018. There will be a 3% rise in 2019.
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Experience the Suffolk Difference

The value of an MBA lies in producing quality leaders. Suffolk University has created outstanding leaders for over 100 years. The difference lies in its faculty who are accomplished educators. They are also active industry professionals, entrepreneurs, published authors, and researchers. They are actively engaged in global business who mentor the future generation of leaders.

The university offers an immersive and experiential learning environment. Students take on direct real-world business challenges from Boston’s global business community. They use live interactions and hands-on problem-solving methods. This helps to develop the critical business and leadership skills that employers demand. The unique and transformative experience sets Suffolk MBA Online grads apart. They develop distinct business competencies that other online MBA programs cannot provide.


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