Which MBA Concentrations Score Big in the Business World?

A group of three mixed-gender business professionals in suits having an animated conversation outdoors
A group of three mixed-gender business professionals in suits having an animated conversation outdoors

Investing the time and resources, it takes to complete an online MBA program while balancing life’s other significant commitments is a serious endeavor. Given the hard realities of managing coursework while working full-time or having a family, it is critical to choose an MBA program that will be worth the effort. One particularly important factor in sorting through the options is to consider the concentrations a given degree program makes available to its online students. Of course, students should choose a specialization that fits their professional interests and career goals, but it is also important to consider how particular MBA concentrations might position them for success in the business world after graduation.

Suffolk University’s AACSB accredited online MBA offers three concentrations that equip students with in-demand skills that are sought after by employers in today’s market.


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Accounting Principles

As the economy grows, so does the demand for highly trained accountants and auditors. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects faster than average growth at 10 percent over the next ten years, leading to some 139,900 new vacancies. Although accountants can enter the field with only a bachelor’s degree, an MBA degree can help propel graduates into senior-level jobs, where top earners can bring home more than $122,000 annually.

Suffolk University’s MBA with a concentration in Accounting Principles equips students with the skills they need to add value and bring innovation to their current or future employers. The MBA degree concentrations also give students the skills they need to be highly competitive in the job market. They leave the program with a firm understanding of accounting in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and are prepared to work in a variety of roles, like Management Accounting, Budget Analysis, and even Governmental Accounting.


Those who work in corporate finance are responsible for ensuring a business’ financial health and future and are therefore extremely important to their employers. Given their significance to the overall success or failure of a business, people working in finance are expected to bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the boardroom. Members of this constantly evolving field are in very high demand — the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that ten-year job growth for Financial Managers, for instance, stands at 19 percent. A Financial Analyst can expect to earn a median salary of around $84,000, according to the BLS. At the same time, an advanced education can help graduates take on roles like Financial Managers, who can earn as much as $208,000 annually.

Needless to say, such a high stakes field is quite competitive, so an MBA with a concentration in Finance will give graduates a competitive advantage in the job market and will provide knowledge that enables them to make meaningful contributions in the workplace and the wider economy. The Suffolk University online MBA’s Finance concentration provides tools and methodologies that enable graduates to approach financial challenges critically and creatively, and in turn, gain access to rewarding careers across industries.

Business Intelligence

The future of businesses worldwide hinges on well collected and utilized data. But companies have quickly realized that data is much easier to collect than it is to analyze and use effectively. They need highly skilled employees in their leadership roles who understand how to manage data and the systems that store it, and especially know how to analyze and visualize the results. These skills enable organizations to optimize their processes and customer relations, improve decision making, and solve business problems across a wide variety of departments and job functions. Practitioners in this field include an array of Data and Business Analysts, Consultants, Application Developers, and Project Managers, and each of these fields present strong opportunities for career advancement and high salaries.

Suffolk University’s concentration in Business Intelligence provides the tools students need to manage and analyze data, design databases and apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

Suffolk University Online MBA

Suffolk University’s AACSB accredited online MBA program in Massachusetts is designed for working professionals who need to gain advanced skills in their respective fields while remaining in the workforce. MBA concentrations like these allow graduates to leave the program with both generalist and specialist skills attained through rigorous coursework and frequent interactive learning sessions with professionals and leaders from throughout Boston and the world.


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